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Dr. David Matthews is a Reconstructive Surgeon in the Charlotte area, specializing in Craniofacial Surgery.  He has opened an independent practice to focus on providing the best possible care for reconstructive surgery patients, and has assembled a professional, committed staff well versed in serving the special needs of these patients and looks forward to continuing his 20 year tradition of top quality care.

As a part of our commitment to the overall wellbeing of our patients, we are expanding our services to include Nutritional and exercise counseling, physical therapy, and wellness counseling. Please call the office or browse the website for additional information.

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Surgical Philosophy:

I became a plastic surgeon because it offered a way to help people in a very basic way. I have based my practice for 22 years primarily on reconstructive surgery of the face, particularly on reconstruction of cleft palates and similar congenital defects. Damage to the basic structures of the face has a profound impact on the quality of life of a patient, and for cases when surgery is indicated, we can make dramatic improvements in both function and appearance.

My surgical philosophy has a few basic tenets: Surgery is a last resort. If there is a safe, effective, non-surgical approach to a problem, I would generally recommend that approach before surgery. If it already works, don’t fix it. However, when surgery is needed, it should be done with all the knowledge, skill, and professionalism that can be brought to bear.

Post-surgical followup care is as essential as the surgery itself. Indeed, large-scale facial reconstruction in children often requires multiple procedures. Our small office environment ensures personal attention and our professional, caring staff are dedicated to patient care.


Important: Every individual is unique and different, and your physiological makeup and physical characterisitcs are unique to you. We try to provide well-founded general information as a service to users of this website, but this kind of general information should NOT be taken as medical advice. Please contact your doctor or make an appointment with our office for medical advice specific to your body and your unique situation.