Fresh Air, Clean Water, and Exercise.

Over years of surgical practice, it has become abundantly clear that patients who are generally healthy need less medical intervention than unhealthy patients. The most important things we can do to improve our general health and wellbeing are breathe fresh air, drink enough water to keep well hydrated, and to participate in properly regulated exercise. Other important components: Proper nutrition, (and supplements can help with our nutritional needs), and avoiding smoking, drugs, and alcohol.

Aerobic Exercise
Resistance Training

If you feel you need some guidance with starting an exercise program, we will be happy to assist you with a personalized program geared towards your needs and goals.


Important: Every individual is unique and different, and your physiological makeup and physical characterisitcs are unique to you. We try to provide well-founded general information as a service to users of this website, but this kind of general information should NOT be taken as medical advice. Please contact your doctor or make an appointment with our office for medical advice specific to your body and your unique situation.